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I. What is the Purpose of the ABLA?

We are a leads club. We not only exchange leads during the regular meetings but, where possible, recommend our fellow members' businesses to other non-members.

II. What Qualifications Must I have to become a Member of ABLA?

We are limited to reputable sales and/or service-oriented people in NON-COMPETETIVE LINES of business. Our membership is by invitation only. The prospective member must be pre-approved by our Membership Committee.

III. I have a friend that I would like to become a Member, how do I go about having them join?

If you wish to sponsor a new member:

i. Check with the Chairperson of the Membership Committee, who will verify that the category is open.

ii. Invite your prospective member to a meeting.

iii. If they are interested in joining, have them fill out a New Member Application and submit it with their business card and first year's annual dues (currently $25.00)

iv. The application will be read and discussed at the next two meetings and a vote will be taken after the second reading.

v. If the application is approved by the membership the sponsor or the Membership Committee will notify the new member.

IV. What is expected of me once I am approved for membership?

Attend meetings regularly, we need your participation and your leads. If you miss three consecutive meetings without cause, or four meetings within a two-month period without cause then your membership is in jeopardy.

V. How do I let you know when I do have a good reason for missing a meeting?

We hope that all of our members will be successful in their businesses, and realize that this may occasionally cause schedule conflicts. If you need to miss a meeting, email the members list to receive an excused absence.

VI. I just found out, on my way to the meeting, that I have to deal with an emergency at the office. Is it too late to email in?

You can email in for an excused absence anytime prior to a scheduled meeting and up to 24 hours after the scheduled meeting. If you are calling in prior to the meeting you can call in to any member. If you are calling in after the meeting you should direct your email to the current president.

VII. What is the cost of membership in the ABLA? Do I have to pay if I don't come to the meeting?

You are responsible for $100.00 quarterly charge for meals (whether present or not). An invoice will be given to you each quarter and is due within 30 days of receipt. Failure to pay promptly can cost you your membership.

VIII. Can I bring guests with me to the meeting?

See number III, above for new member procedure. The reason that we require you to check first before bringing a guest is to be sure that there are no competitive conflicts with existing members. There is no charge to the member or to the guest once approved by the Membership Committee. Please bring as many guests as you can as often as you can, new members are the life-blood of our organization.

IX. What if I need to bring my child/husband/wife/friend-from-out-of-town to a meeting?

Occasionally you might have a reason to bring a guest that is not a potential member. This is only allowed if the guest is not in competition with any current member. We ask that you inform the Treasurer that you have a guest with you who is not a potential member and pay for their meal.

X. What time does the meeting start? What should I bring to my first meeting?

Weekly breakfast meetings are held every Wednesday morning at 8:00 am, coffee and fellowship begins at 7:45 am. Be sure and bring at least 50 business cards to your first meeting for our card caddie.

XI. Next Wednesday is Christmas, will there still be a meeting?

No. Whenever a national holiday falls within a day of a regularly scheduled meeting that meeting is canceled. This means that if a national holiday, such as Christmas, falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday then that week's meeting will be canceled. And yes, you do still have to pay your full dues for any quarter in which such holidays occur.

XII. I lost my job or I changed jobs; can I still be a member?

If you lose your job you will be given a 30-day grace period within which to find employment in the same or another non-competitive category (as determined by the Membership Committee). If you cannot find a new job within 30 days, or if your new job conflicts with an existing member then your resignation from the organization is in order.